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The use of the body’s own plasma for optimized recovery has been common in the field of sports injury for years and is now applied to cosmetic rejuvenation. This cutting-edge preventative and corrective therapy harnesses the body’s natural healing processes and growth factors for complete rejuvenation.


  • Essential nutrient delivery to skin is amplified

  • Revitalizes skin tissue for smoothed and firmer skin tone

  • Faded appearance of sun spots, freckling and dark spots


Treatment Details

  • Following a microneedling treatment, growth factor rich plasma derived from patient’s own blood sample is separated and hyper-concentrated through centrifugation

  • The transparent plasma is then applied to the skin’s surface to initiate repair and essential nutrient delivery with the body’s own growth factors

  • Recommended every 3-4 weeks

PRP Plus (Platelet Rich Plasma)

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