Suncare and DNA Protection

In the wake of fall, we often hear patient concerns about skin damage as they seek out new best practices and opportunities to protect their skin for the long term.

The good news is that there are more and more innovations available that has the dermatological community excited about not only patient skin protection, but repair.

One product that we recently brought into our office is a new import from Europe, the Isdin Eryfotona Actinica SPF 50+ sunscreen. Established by skin cancer experts in Barcelona, this is the only sunscreen so far with data supporting the repair of damaged DNA known to promote skin cancer formation. As a skin cancer specialist who spends his day visiting with patients with countless actinic keratosis growths across their skin from years of compounded sun damage, this dual-function product addresses a much-needed gap in the market!

While no sunscreen could ever be the exclusive answer to protection, or repair, seeing a brand embracing the opportunity to better address a very real sun damage concern is promising and a very good reason to be optimistic about sun protection measures on the horizon.


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