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  1. Every weekend i receive texts from patients about bad sunburns. Aside from the obvious sunscreen and clothing comments, there are first aid issues to address. first, cool compress then steroid ointment, not near the eyes and not beyond three days. bacitracin and even more so, neosporin, are OFF limits as they may make things much worse due to contact allergy you may suddenly acquire. A televisit is ideal for the steroid Rx. Second, Aspirin, cox-2inhibitor or at least nsaids like ibuprofen if theres no medical reason to avoid these.

Third, continuous grease with aquaphor or cerave creams to blistered areas-try to prevent scabbimg and AVOID air contact with wounds.

Use oral antioxidants like Heliocare or Isdin containing polypodium which may help.

Stop all oral light sensitizing drugs if possible!

Finally, do not do it again! This is a major increased lifelong risk for skin cancer!!

We are not online here too often but general questions that are not timely will get to the staff.

-Dr K

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