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PRP and Minoxidil Solution for Hair Regrowth

For the last two months Kline Dermatology has been focused on the roll out of a breakthrough new approach to addressing hair loss and hair regrowth and now we are excited about sharing more information. Dr. Doyle’s May feature on addressing hair loss did an excellent job of outlining the root causes and solutions available today, which can include everything from follicular unit transplant surgery and laser photo biotherapy to hormone treatment with powerful anti-androgens such as finasteride (propecia). But it is precisely because not everyone will be considered a good candidate for these treatments or procedures that our practice is continuing to invest in other medically sound alternatives for patients in need.

Who Suffers From Hair Loss?

It can be easy to dismiss hair loss as a concern for the 50+ male population, but the statistics show that two thirds of men over the age of 35 will already be experiencing the results of male pattern hair loss while over 30% of women suffer female pattern hair loss during their lifetime. For everyone, the implications of hair thinning and hair loss can be taxing and long-term.

New: PRP And Prescription Home Care

New science indicates support for a combination approach, which brings together a series of PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment injections in conjunction with prescription home care. Platelet rich plasma involves drawing a patient’s blood sample, and mixing the solution in a centrifuge to separate growth factor rich plasma from the rest of the sample. This plasma is then injected into the scalp throughout the area of concern to help stimulate follicular regrowth. Complimenting this in-office treatment, patients should use a prescription-strength minoxidil formula (available through our office in a dropper format at a 10% concentration) which when used daily helps to stimulate the hair follicle and support growth of hair in the anagen phase (at the point of active growth). Today, minoxidil is the only FDA-approved ingredient to treat hair loss and is the active ingredient found in Rogaine (at over the counter concentrations of 2-5%).

What You Need To Know About Hair Loss Treatments

There are many common misconceptions about hair loss treatment, all which should be covered by your dermatologist during your initial consultation and subsequent treatments. A few common ones include:

  • Hair shedding: During the first few months of treatment some hair shedding is common as older hair that has reached the telogen (rest) phase fall out and are replaced by newer hair.

  • Expectations: Follicular stimulation through daily home care is a lifelong commitment and initial results can take up to 3-4 months to be visible. This is not a one-time, short-term solution.

  • Minoxidil contraindications can include a level of itching and redness in many patients. This is normal, unless it becomes intolerable and is accompanied by other more serious allergic side effects.

  • Hypertrichosis: Some women can experience abnormal hair growth on the body while using high concentrations of a compound minoxidil solution. They should always consult their dermatologist if this becomes a concern, particularly as it relates to proper home care application.

  • The frontal hair line: Unfortunately minoxidil and PRP have not been shown to stimulate hair regrowth along the hair line (a common compliant among men and those experiencing traction alopecia). Consult your dermatologist about the best hair regrowth solution for you.

Booking Your Appointment

We ask anyone who is planning on booking an appointment to come prepared to discuss their concerns, goals and past medical history including examples of genetic predisposition. At Kline Dermatology we take consultations on hair loss very seriously and pursue this as a long-term treatment plan in partnership with our patients. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance at the fuller, healthy hair they deserve.


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