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Our Comprehensive Approach To Body Contouring

When trying to achieve your desired skin goals, we believe at Kline Dermatology that a multi-modal approach is required to provide our patients with the most global and comprehensive results. In the case of body contouring, treating the fat is not just enough. Your skin adjusts to your body’s size and weight distribution. As a result if you lose weight the excess skin may not bounce back to tighten around your new body shape. Unfortunately with age the skin’s foundation weakens and loses its ability to naturally rebound. It is because of this insight that we treat body contouring with two innovative, state-of-the art treatments – SculpSure®️ and SkinTyte®️.

SculpSure®️ is a non-invasive treatment to permanently reduce stubborn fat. This laser treatment is a true breakthrough – at Kline Dermatology we have spent a lot of time vetting fat reduction technologies and found that nothing else provides the same experience as SculpSure. SculpSure uses heat-based technology to gently warm subcutaneous fat in order to disrupt the cell integrity. Over the course of several weeks, the body naturally eliminates the fat cells which cannot be regenerated. Unlike many other available treatments, SculpSure takes less than 25 minutes and has no downtime or side effects! Patients can resume their normal, daily activities immediately, including exercise. The best part is that you can begin seeing results as early as 6 weeks with full results by 12 weeks. Once we eliminate the stubborn fat then we need to stimulate new collagen and elastin synthesis to tighten the skin for a complete recontoured appearance.

SkinTyte®️ is a unique laser treatment that uses pulse-based infrared light technology to stimulate new collagen production and coagulate soft tissue. Through a series of short treatments, the skin tightens and strengthens for a firmer, tighter appearance. The SkinTyte treatment experience is extremely comfortable, quick and has no downtime. Patients can immediately return to their normal activities and begin to see results in as early as 3 months. When combined with SculpSure, SkinTyte provides your goal for a tighter, firmer, leaner body.

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