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Fat Reduction and Body Contouring With Sculpsure

Choosing a fat reduction and body contouring procedure is an important decision. And it should be. Whether it’s your first non surgical cosmetic procedure or your fiftieth, doing your research is essential – you want to find a practice that knows what it’s doing and a technology that will deliver the results you’re looking for.

At Kline Dermatology, we understand how important these choices are, and the process that goes into selecting the right procedure for you and your aesthetic goals. It’s why our practice waited not months but years until we invested in a body contouring technology. It was imperative for us to be able to provide the very best for our patients in terms of quality, safety, and efficiency.  That right technology was Sculpsure.

Laser Body Contouring With Sculpsure

Why we chose this technology for Kline Dermatology:

  • Sculpsure is an advanced, FDA-cleared laser treatment for non-invasive lipolysis (fat removal). With a diode laser-based energy device, it delivers heat deep into ‘problem’ areas, killing off fat cells beneath the skin so that they can be eliminated naturally by the body through the lymphatic system.

  • Every trouble ‘hotspot’ is ‘covered’. The treatment is approved for the lower and upper abdomen, flanks, thighs (inner and outer), the back, and, most recently, submental fat (the “double chin”).

  • As a quick treatment that imposes minimal discomfort and no recovery time, patients can come in for a treatment and return to their regular activities immediately. No special diets, no restrictions, just high-performance results with none of the setbacks.

  • The smart, customizable technology allows our team to target multiple areas in just 25 minutes making it a great treatment for patients with a busy schedule. We consider it ‘lunch hour approved’.

  • First results can be seen as soon as 8 weeks post-procedure, with optimal results showing at 12 weeks. Best results come with a series of treatments for cumulative fat removal.

  • This treatment is the perfect balance of performance, convenience, and comfort-level that is suitable for men and women with a body mass index of 30 or less.

  • For patients seeking fat reduction in areas that have long resisted diet and exercise, whether it’s whittling down ‘those final inches’, or targeting a pooch, bulge or pocket of fat that has bothered them for years, Sculpsure is an advanced technology that is permanent and surgery-free.

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