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Enhancing Lips And Restoring Volume With Volbella®

None of us want to show our age, but whether it’s sunspots or premature wrinkles, our skin and facial contours don’t lie.

In the past, an area that was frequently overlooked was lip volume. Pinched and creased from sun exposure, smoking or advancing age, nothing said ‘old’ like thinned lips. Fast-forward to this year, and it’s hard to ignore the amazing resurgence of natural-looking, fuller lips. The secret? A new cult-filler called Volbella.

What Is Volbella?

Part of the Juvederm family by Allergan, Volbella is an FDA-approved filer that helps to gently restore natural looking lip volume.

How Is Volbella New, Better, And Different?

Providing subtle plumpness without ostentatious augmentation, Volbella combines different filler molecular weights for a more supple and soft application. Patients can expect less swelling and downtime.

What Results Can I Expect?

Everyone’s needs are different (and results can vary), but there are a few key improvements that Volbella is known for including a more defined vermillion border or ‘cupid’s bow’, diminished lines around the mouth and an understated increase in volume.

Who Can Benefit From The Treatment?

Anyone who is looking to naturally and subtly enhance and add volume to their lips will be a perfect candidate for this filler. Volbella is also great for re-contouring lip asymmetries.

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