Dermspectra®: Revolutionizing Early Skin Cancer Detection

The facts speak for themselves – one person dies of melanoma every hour in the US, more people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the U.S. than all other cancers combined, a person’s risk for melanoma doubles if he or she has had more than five sunburns and the statistics go on.  Unlike other cancers, we are fortunate enough to have the technologies and education to prevent skin cancer through the proper use of effectively formulated broad spectrum sunscreens, UV protective clothing and practicing safe sun measures. As we integrate preventative measures we must also focus on early detection.  If detected early, melanoma survival rate is 99%.

60% of melanomas are new; therefore, a comprehensive skin exam must be focused around isolating new skin changes. Until now the process of dermatological skin tracking has involved manual notation and occasional photographic documentation: an imperfect science that can miss essential details. Recent advancements in technology have allowed us for the first time to use photo-detection software to accurately identify skin changes and potential skin cancers. DermSpectra is the first high definition, full body imaging system that detects, tracks and monitors critical skin changes. This breakthrough technology uses standardized high definition photography to minimize human error and delayed diagnosis by providing objective, reproducible skin documentation. As a result it provides physicians priceless imaging tools to review and monitor critical skin changes over time.

DermSpectra is a discreet, non-invasive and quick in-office treatment. Each scan takes place in a private imaging booth, lasting only 10-15 minutes.  The images are instantly available for physician review and assessment. The first imaging scan becomes the patient baseline to evaluate current skin condition and to also foster long term observational tracking.

Kline Dermatology is the only private practice in the Northeast providing this breakthrough technology. We invite you to get your skin checked with the most comprehensive technology available. With DermSpectra, human error is eliminated in favor of precise image data. Monitoring skin change is accurately visualized in a standard format. The chances of early skin cancer detection are dramatically improved.


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