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BBL And Profractional™ Laser Treatment For Resurfaced, Luminous Skin

Some of the biggest cosmetic concerns our patients come to us with are stubborn pigmentation and rough, uneven skin tone that looks old and tired. Patients want to know how can they minimize the look of lingering photo damage, bring back the refreshed glow of their younger skin and help address the onset of skin laxity.  The good news? Today there are several, fantastic treatment options for patients looking for comprehensive results with minimal downtime.

A New, Multi-Modality Treatment

At our practice, we have now introduced a combination treatment that combines BBL (broadband light treatment) with ProFractional™ laser resurfacing to directly target skin concerns that most frustrate our patients (and contribute to a lackluster complexion). This treatment combination far exceeds the results of other, minimal downtime procedures that are unable to effectively remove brown spots and diminish red veins that cause skin blotchiness.

How Do They Work?

BBL (Broad Band Light)

At Kline Dermatology we use Sciton’s BBL technology to deliver pulsed laser light energy directly to the upper layers of the skin to help fade acne scars, freckles, sunspots, red veins,  birthmarks and general discoloration. The most common areas for treatment are the face, neck, hands, chest and back.

Profractional™ Laser Resurfacing

With new technology you can experience the power of traditional fractional laser treatment but with less disruption to the skin. By targeting smaller areas of the skin for resurfacing ablation, the skin’s wound healing response is still triggered while leaving the surrounding areas intact. An overall process of skin cell regeneration helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps refine the skin’s texture and tone.

For best results, patients are generally recommended to undergo a series of 3 treatments of BBL and ProFractional™ laser spaced one month apart.


The result of these two technologies are faded dark spots and resurfaced skin that is smooth, radiant and lifted. The procedures are specifically chosen to minimize downtime while reviving skin for all-over results after just one treatment.

What To Expect

As with any other medical procedures, results and experience will vary. Most patients will feel a warming sensation during the treatment and experience mild redness for a day or two at the most, which will be minimally noticeable under makeup. Some subtle flaking and peeling will also occur. Overall, downtime is minimal and most patients will see visible results after just one session.

Essential Skincare

To enhance and maintain skin results and benefits, it is always recommended that treatment be combined with complimentary skincare products that can be used at home. To support brightening, texture and skin turnover, a good moisturizer combined with a retinol and hydroquinone-based topical is a great choice (depending on your skin type, medical condition and diagnosis).

*Important* All information found on our website is provided by Dr. Mitchell Kline for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always visit your physician for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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