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A Signature Approach To Comprehensive Rejuvenation

Our skin is a canvas that reflects what is going on in the inside and outside. From lack of sleep, stress, pollution and sun damage our complexion begins to show wear and tear of these cumulative aggressors. At Kline Dermatology we recognize two things that are important to our patients. One, they want results as quickly as possible but with no downtime. Two, our patients are always seeking the latest innovations in skin rejuvenation to get superior corrective and preventative results. That is why in preparation for the holiday season we have combined two star technologies to create our newest signature treatment. This comprehensive multi-modality approach integrates microneedling with BBL to resurface younger, healthier skin.

Microneedling known as collagen induction therapy fosters the remodeling of skin by increasing the formation of new healthier tissue. By creating microscopic channels in the skin, the body’s wound healing cascade is activated to support the formation of new tissue layers of elastin and collagen fibers. As a result skin becomes redensified and achieves its optimal plumpness to tighten, lift, reduce fine lines/wrinkles and minimize surface imperfections and scarring. There is virtually no downtime and you begin to see results within days!

BBL or broadband light is an intense pulse light therapy that targets pigment build up within the skin. Gentle light waves help draw the pigment to the skin’s surface which are then naturally broken up and reabsorbed within the skin. Studies show that this laser can actually reverse skin damage and make patients years younger! This treatment is also ideal for targeting redness, broken capillaries and blotchiness.

By combining these distinct and powerful technologies over a series of 4 treatments, we reset the skin’s canvas to naturally replump and restore a more even, smooth surface while fading stubborn discolorations for a brighter glow! Our expert team customizes each treatment around your skin needs and goals to help you achieve your desired results as fast as possible.

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