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A Breakthrough Innovation On A Gold Standard Technology – Vivace

Microneedling known popularly as mesotherapy, dermal rollers, or collagen induction therapy is a gold standard technology that has been used for decades to promote rejuvenation and skin repair. As technology has evolved, we have been able to harness the mechanism of microneedling and enhance its efficacy by combining its power with other star technologies.

Vivace is the newest generation, FDA-approved microneedling device that features radio frequency energy. This treatment, unlike many other microneedling devices, can be precisely calibrated to control depth and speed by non-invasively stamping the skin with a series of patterned, microscopic channels. Its mechanism is so elegant that the treatment is almost painless and the skin is left virtually uninjured so there is no downtime whatsoever. Each needle on the device simultaneously delivers powerful radio frequency energy deep within the skin to strengthen the skin’s structural network and promote repair.

How It Works

The microneedles insert almost painlessly like a stamp with almost no reaction in the skin so that it is a no downtime procedure. The needles fire small radiofrequency pulses which stimulate fibroblasts, the cells that make collagen. While a series of treatments is required to achieve desired results, each treatment builds upon itself by continuing to stimulate the fibroblast cells more and more until they begin producing collagen at a rapid rate. Even after your last treatment is complete the skin continues to produce new, fresh collagen that adds to the skin’s thickness and texture.

The Results?

Think reduced wrinkling ANYWHERE, think supple skin across a face giving a lifted appearance, with less fine lines and deep wrinkles! This treatment can be uniquely customized to treat various areas including the neck, chest, lines around the eyes and lips and the overall skin texture. It can even be used on the body to treat sagging skin around the thighs, arm and elbow skin – all with slight momentary redness and slow, steady results that keep improving for months as this new no downtime procedure works its magic.

The best part? There’s virtually no downtime and you start to see results immediately!

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