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How to detect Melanoma

Total Body Skin Examinations require extensive time and a photographic baseline without which change cannot be determined.  Whether the technology is DermEngine,  Dermspectra, or other technologies there is no way to map and remember their detailed appearance without their use. 


Dermoscopy is the best analytic tool at this time, even as Artificial Intelligence is evolving, is needed for EACH and EVERY lesion.  Selecting a pigmented lesion by eye and then using Dermoscopy for that spot creates a Selection Bias.  The time taken for total body Dermoscopy is lengthy and requires enormous experience to perform both accurately and completely.  Once a lesion is identified by the Dermatologist or by the patient who is often intuitively skilled at recognizing change or “new-ness” the lesion may be analyzed not only with the traditional cutting/scarring methods but with tools such as tape stripping and Reflectance Confocal Microscopy.  These tools reduce or avoid scarring and unnecessary biopsies as much as possible. 


The removal of a pigmented lesion muct be in total with few exceptions and the extensive removal that may be needed later may be done with a minimum of pain and with accuracy through the careful use of these tools.

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