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Kline Dermatology uses an intelligent dermatology software for the imaging, documentation and analysis of skin conditions including skin cancer. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), this smart dermatology system enables us to closely monitor our patients progress by collecting multiple data points remotely with secure cross-platform access.


Teledermatology Patient Cycle DermEngine

DermEngine and COVID-19


COVID-19 has drastically changed the way professionals are providing dermatology care. 

Telemedicine has quickly become the go-to solution in response to COVID-19 for medical professionals to provide connected care without compromising the safety of their staff and patients. To encourage a successful implementation, stakeholders must be supported at every step; after all, how effective can patient-centric services truly be without the confidence of its patients?


Breaking down traditional proximity barriers, the value of teledermatology lies in its ability to engage the patient in their care cycle through a tool they already possess: a smartphone. In a few simple taps, patients can submit images to their doctor from the comfort of their home while experiencing peace of mind. However, while teledermatology has the ability to drastically improve accessibility of care, it may present a challenge for the physician to convey the value of telemedicine while ensuring that their patients are able to use the service with confidence.

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