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COVID-19 safety is our priority and we have taken a comprehensive approach to ensure that your visit does not expose you to risk of infection.
KlineDermatology is the first office to use patient-safe ionized peroxide that attaches to airborne particles and surface particles. We have installed multiple units including inside the ventilation duct  that forces positive pressure into our patient care areas.  Research in large industries and academic centers has shown its worth in sterilizing the air, including staph, mold, spores and surfaces.  Please read here about the future of standard COVID-19 precaution.
e employ five phases of safety for the maintenance of your health in this unprecedented time:


First, we utilize state of the art fractionated hydrogen peroxide* that is safe for humans but aerosolizer’s in order to neutralize airborne viruses and surface viruses and infectious bacterial agents.

Second, we utilize deep cleaning techniques utilizing state of the art high contact surfaces sterilization agents available to commercial industries such as the NBA. 

Third, we initiate call humidity in order to reduce Ambien and relative humidity thereby reducing the time of airborne particles from influenza and coronavirus. 

Fourth, we evaluate our patients through carefully constructed questionnaires oxygen saturation and temperature monitoring. 

Fifth, we employ CDC recommended techniques for quarantine isolation and supervision of staff who are all asymptomatic as a prerequisite for working in a patient care environment. 

* Chemical and physics based insights into the effect of humidity on airborne influenza virus survival, transmission and incidence

Linsey C. Marr ,  Julian W. Tang ,  Jennifer Van Mullekom  and  Seema S. Lakdawala

Published:16 January 2019

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