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PRP Hair Treatment

PRP Hair Treatment | New York City | New York

PRP Hair Treatment has quickly become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments nationwide as men and women seek new, cutting-edge treatments to counteract hair loss and hair thinning. At Kline Dermatology we specialize in this highly specialized nonsurgical procedure to deliver long-lasting results for men and women. By combining the benefit of plaletet rich plasma (PRP) injections with an exclusive and proprietary prescription homecare treatment, our patients start to see results in as few as three months.

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What Is PRP?

Platelet rich plasma (or PRP) is a concentration of proteins derived from your own blood with powerful natural growth factors that can help stimulate new hair growth. During a treatment, your blood is drawn and then hyper-concentrated in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma protein from red blood cells. This concentration is then used to treat an area that requires rejuvenation and renewal. For hair loss treatment, this involves a series of injections into the scalp.

Is PRP Just For The Hair?

  • PRP is actually a relatively new treatment in the field of cosmetic medicine, but it has long been a treatment used by elite athletes to speed healing and recovery in the body (particularly in the joints).

  • In the past couple of years, PRP treatment has gained attention in the aesthetic industry for its application for facial rejuvenation. In this case, a patient’s own platelet rich plasma is micro needled into the face with a fine microneedling instrument that boosts penetration of the PRP and supports collagen induction for more toned and retextured skin. This has earned the now popular PRP for the face procedure its moniker ‘the vampire facial’.

  • PRP for the treatment of hair loss is a specialty of Kline Dermatology and a cutting-edge application with exciting results.

What Are The Benefits And Results Of PRP Hair Treatment?

  • For patients that we treat with PRP, we have seen dramatic increases in hair growth after three months, which progresses at six months and beyond. Results are visible more quickly for patients who have mild to moderate hair loss, but we have also been seen amazing improvement for patients with advanced male and female pattern baldness.

  • Core benefits that patients will see are a visible increase in follicular hair growth, a thickening of the hair overall and greater hair coverage over time.

Who Should Consider PRP For Hair Regrowth?

Before starting any PRP Hair Treatment, our practice always conducts a thorough consultation to assess a patients’ full medical history. The best candidates for PRP hair loss treatment are those who have mild to moderate male or female pattern baldness and thinning, and who are willing to undergo a series of treatments and follow a consistent, daily homecare treatment protocol to achieve optimal results.

What Can I Expect From A PRP Hair Treatment At Kline Dermatology?

  • Following a thorough consultation with our medical team, you will begin a series of PRP injections spaced three to four weeks apart. Depending on your needs and goals, a series will range from four to six sessions.

  • While downtime is minimal (the PRP treatment can even be done during a lunch hour), there can be some mild discomfort. Some patients may benefit from Lidocaine injections or a small amount of topical anesthetic.

  • All patients are required to maintain a daily homecare treatment protocol using our proprietary HairGrowthRX formulated with prescription-strength minoxidil. There are separate formulas for men and women but application instruction (once daily) is consistent regardless of diagnosis.

  • Some patients may receive additional, adjunct care instructions to boost results but this is at the discretion of the physician.

Does Treatment Vary Between Men And Women?

  • At Kline Dermatology, we can treat male and female patients of almost every age (based on their diagnosis and needs) with our PRP Hair Treatment.

  • We approach hair loss treatment with a multi-modality method that not only combines PRP Hair Loss injections but also prescription homecare, and, potentially, the use of additional supplementation and prescription medications to boost results.

  • For male and female patients we will prescribe different homecare products and different prescription supplementation, as determined by our medical team.

How Long Does The PRP For Hair Loss Treatment Last?

Hair loss treatment is a long-term commitment that requires consistent care for the future. We recommend one PRP series at least once a year to maintain results as well as the continued use of the homecare treatment to maintain any progress made.


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