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In some circumstances, excess fat can become stubborn and resistant to diet and exercise. Depending on which area of the body the fat is stored, such as under the chin, the inner or outer thigh, under arms, flanks or abdomen, it can be difficult to isolate and dispel unwanted fat through traditional lifestyle changes. This doesn’t make unwanted fat any less difficult and frustrating for patients of every age, male or female. We have patients who lead healthy, active lives, who still experience frustration with pockets or bulges of fat that resist all efforts to eliminate them.

Causes Of Unwanted Fat

Every patient is unique and different, however, the most common causes of unwanted fat include:

  • Hereditary factors

  • Hormonal changes

How We Treat Unwanted Fat At Kline Dermatology

We make great efforts to distinguish and explain the difference between eliminating unwanted, isolated fat, and overall weight loss. These are two very different goals and medical conditions, and will therefore require different treatment recommendations.

At our office, we are able to support patients with clear-cut areas of fat that are ‘pinchable’ and sit ‘above’ layers of muscle in the body rather than weight loss as a whole.

For the isolated fat that does exist, we offer two non-surgical treatment options. Kybella® (deoxycholic acid) injections are a great solution for targeting and destroying the submental area of fat under the chin (which constitutes the “double chin”). For other parts of the body, the breakthrough SculpSure® body contouring device can diminish up to 24% of fall cells in 25 minutes across difficult-to-reach areas including the flanks, ‘bra bulge’ along the back, love handles, inner and outer thighs, “banana rolls” under the buttocks and abdomen.

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